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Decision-making, has always been challenging! Making a wrong decision especially in business, leads to the destruction of a business on which the income and livelihood of many people depend. As timely and correct decisions in starting, maintaining or developing a business will also provide favorable conditions for employees and dependents, in addition to the main owners of the business.

Using experts in various fields of management, marketing, human resources, accounting, legal affairs, etc. as a consultant will definitely help managers make better decisions.

SOTER group is specialist in collecting, analyzing and reporting the data. Therefore, it provides the information required for management decisions in the least possible time and with high quality and efficiency. In this regard, SOTER uses skilled people who in addition to expertise in various fields such as marketing, finance, statistics etc. have also enough experience in different markets. Click here to learn more about these services or contact our experts.

The list of services that can be provided by Soter Group is as follows:

Preparing and compiling a business plan for start-up businesses

Conducting marketing research in various industries

Preparing and compiling a marketing plan

Preparation and editing of advertising plan according to the organizational budget of businesses

Providing advice in the field of branding collections and industries

Providing advice in the field of digital marketing

Forming management training classes with valid certification

Providing specialized services in the field of exhibitions inside and outside of Iran